Welcome to refreshjava.io!

Java has been my personal favorite programming language since I first tried it out in the late 1990s. I came to Java after working with C, C++, Pascal, BASIC, assembly code and various 4GLs.

Starting with Java was great! It was a clean and fully object-oriented language! If your code compiled, you could expect it to work as intended. This was very new to me and it was great to work with.

I put my first Java code in production in 1997. As I am writing this I realize that it is 20 years ago. Most of the Java code I put into production is considered legacy code. It is time to refresh Java!

This blog will be dedicated to modernizing every flavor of Java code. I will cover old mistakes and forgotten concepts, and offer my two cents on how to modernize, refactor and fix the problems. I will seek to look at Java with fresh new eyes in the modern world of cloud, mobile, digitalization and automation.

As I start this blog now in 2017 I am working on some very rusty code from 2000-2004 and modernizing part of it. The goal is to fit the best elements into a new microservices based architecture on Java 8 and potentially Java 9.

In the blog I am open to cover anything that entails taking a fresh look at Java code and full-stack Java application architectures. As it evolves I hope to add some value to any Java developer.

In summary: refreshjava.io will be all about:

  • refreshing old Java code
  • refreshing rusty Java skills
  • new and refreshing Java related technology